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I was in Paris last week and I had the misfortune to see a body builder close up. It is but obvious that this person was american. He was obviously married for he had a wife to which he never spoke a word at the breakfast table. All he did was literally shovel food into his mouth ... he definitely did not look as if he was enjoying himself looking more like a cow chewing the cud with his mouth half open while eating. It looked such a mechanical action sans any joy ... for eating to him was serious business .. his ambition to bulk up made himlook like deja vu warmed up .. staring into space without seeing anything.

The unkindest cut of all was to see what he looked like standing up and walking ... which was literally a waddle ... legs apart in a funny posture ... so I didn't get it. What was this man doing to himself ... he cut such a sorry figure in my eyes .. what benefit did 
he get from all that he was punishing himself with??? Eating is supposed to be a pleasurable action .. and I being a foodie understand the feeling well .. but in that man's case ... none of it fit in. While I watched the man I did not jump to any kind of instant criticism of him. He seemed to draw my attention for he cut a sorry figure of manhood and I soon forgot him. 

It is now that I am back home that he drifted back in to my mindscape and I felt a sudden feeling of being sorry for the man. This kind of life that requires a 24 hour attention on the self ... without much visible gain .. can be a mindnumbingly painful pill to swallow. There was no mental growth at all and the physical one just did not impress me at all. Funny the choices that some people make for their lives. Just looking at the man made me realise that all the hours that he had devoted to perfecting his craft really did not translate itself into his reality. That is when it finally dawned on me that perfection and reality is always but always .. just a complete mismatch ... you will be forced to keep trying for spirit will always make you feel unworthy ...

whatever be your effort ... you will need to pull out all the stops to say enough is enough ... I am not about to let you try my patience any more. It is the way to let the tail of the tale hang in the dust. The animal spirit of nature in order to feel worthy in some eerie sort of way .. will try to deny you the right to your master's mind. Whip it to keep it down ... physical strength does 

not come from endlessly pushing the body .. but from owning the mind that controls it. Treat your body like an animal and that is 
the kind of mind you will own. Each kind attracts its like. Be a master's mind and you will begin to use your mind like a master.